Friday, February 13, 2009

Gayner Increases Leucadia Stake

After noting that Tom Gayner, of Merkel Corp, is selling more than he is buying (at least as of the latest report), Guru Focus points out that the well-respected money-manager has increased his stake in Leucadia.

Quoting: "Tom Gayner added to his holdings in Leucadia National Corp. by 54.39%. His purchase prices were between $14.56 and $31.83, with an estimated average price of $22.3."

The investment vehicle of Ian Cumming and Joseph Steinberg, was also added to Jean-Marie Eveillard's portfolio. He joins a long list of fellow value investors--including Marty Whitman and Bruce Berkowitz--who are confident in LUK's strategy, management team, and its market price relative to its intrinsic value.

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