Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2 Important Posts You May Want to Check Out Today

Has it been a while since I've posted here?

It has. It has.

But I've been busy and as you can see not with this site.

What I've been working on is a site that's focused in large part on collecting quotes from or writing reviews of books by great writers such as Nevil Shute and Joseph Mitchell.

Fear not, however.

I came back to share a couple of links that I know readers of this site will be interested in.

For example, there's a post on what counted as money before even gold and why that may matter to your financial security today. And there's an earlier post, which you should actually read first, that is a review of a book called Paper Money Collapse on the coming monetary breakdown.

Will you like them?

I don't know.

Love them?

I also don't know.

But if you're interested in this site because you're concerned about gaining more wealth and all the freedom it provides, you'll definitely find something of value over there, particularly in the two posts linked to above.

Check 'em out then and I'll be back here at some point with more links to the news you're looking for (most likely, judging by the traffic, on David Einhorn).