Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heebner's Recent Moves

An interesting article is up at Forex Hound on Ken Heebner's recent moves. An excerpt:
If you have been following the market with even [one] eye you can see that move was again in error, but one positive thing about Heebner is if he changes his mind he will go whole turkey. So in the latest report those 3 positions are now GONE. Now his focus seems to be insurers, which have struggled since Jan 1 - but in theory if the government treats them as banks and takes some of their bad assets out and onto the tax payers shoulders; then you "win" ...

[Lists the biggest additions in Quarter 4]

If we assume he kept these for the past 6 weeks, Newmont Mining has an excellent run (in lockstep with gold), Research in Motion had an excellent run until a week ago when it updated its guidance and the stock has been in freefall since (it will be interesting to see if he hung on), healthcare has been one of the better places to hide, and adult education has been one of the "thesis" areas in the market. The rest is insurance, insurance, insurance.
Enjoy the rest of the article at Forex Hound or, where it appeared first, at Trader Mark's site.

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