Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leucadia Finds a Friend in Pabrai

Dave Bui, at Seeking Alpha, notes that Pabrai added eight new positions to his portfolio recently, one of which was Leucadia.

Pabrai's new positions can be summed up as a bunch of commodities with a hint of financials. New mining stakes include Horsehead Holding Corp (ZINC), Teck Cominco (TCK) and indirectly, Leucadia National (LUK). He also moved into the agriculture space with Potash (POT) and Cresud SA (CRESY). He also added a good-sized position in Goldman Sachs (GS), which received a well-publicized capital boost from Pabrai's acknowledged idol, Warren Buffett. Pabrai completely divested his WCG position and massively reduced stakes in Buffett's Berkshire, Cryptologic (CRYP), CompuCredit (CCRT) and Fairfax Financial (FFH).
The same link has information on the new picks by Berkowitz and Rodriguez, noted value investors. Well worth clicking over.

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