Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Warren Buffett Earned His Billions

At one of my new blogs, which both focuses on how to read a book the 80/20 way and helps you to do so, I share a quote from The Dhandho Investor on how Buffett achieved his billions:
...Minimizing downside risk while maximizing the upside is a powerful concept. It is the reason Mr. Buffett has a net worth of over $40 billion. He got there by taking minimal risk while always maximizing returns. Most of the time, assets trade hands at or above their intrinsic value. The key, however, is to wait patiently for that super-fast pitch down the center.
While I have qualms about recommending the book wholeheartedly, as I say at the end of that post, the above point is dead on, and the book itself is definitely a worthwhile read. 

To see for that yourself, however--or at least to screen the book much better--check out the 8 quotes on achieving high returns with low risk that I share from it.

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