Friday, January 30, 2009

Barron's on Buffett (and BNI)

Barron's recently reported on Buffett's continual buying of Burlington Northern stock and as usual (especially these days) has somebody questioning the move.

"Buffett is the poster boy for following form 4 [insider trading] data, but I'm not sure I would follow him into this," says Moreland. "Aside from the price going up right away on any Berkshire buy, Buffett, in my experience, is often early with his transactions, so you generally have time to wait if you want to follow him in."

Despite Buffett's losses, Moreland notes that the man's definition of "buy and hold" is much longer than a normal investor's, due to his resources.

"I imagine he chuckles when he hears a pundit on TV say that buy and hold is dead," he says. "Only time will tell if all his purchases will be profitable in the end, and by that time those pundits probably won't have their shows anymore. He'll outlast them all."

The article goes on to provie some useful information on insider buying for those interested.

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